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What is Senior Connect?

One of our most fundamental roles as an association is to help facilitate connections, connections between our congregations and between our congregations and the community.  One way we are working to do this is through a new ministry called Senior Connect.

The idea is simple.  There are significant numbers of senior adults who live by themselves and often go days at a time without any human interaction or conversation.  This sad reality was highlighted for me last December when the lead story of the local paper was about a lady who had died at home, alone.  She was one of about 18 in Warren County who died that way last year.  What was unique was the time it took for anyone to notice.  Though all of her utilities had been disconnected, no one checked in on her for nearly three months.

People can register themselves, or a family member, through the associational office where we will serve as dispatchers, distributing those registrations to the nearest local congregation.  There someone will adopt each senior and begin the work of building a relationship with them by making regular contact. 


That contact can be as simple as a brief phone call a few times a week.  It could easily include a card or handwritten note, particularly on special occasions.  It could include a weekly or biweekly visit, an invitation to dinner, or a shopping trip.  Certainly it should include praying both for and with the person, as well as offering those who are able to attend a ride to church.  The potential exist to establish a ministry not only with the registrant, but also with neighbors and family. We encourage you to sign up now.