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For we are not proclaiming ourselves but Jesus Christ as Lord. 2 Corinthians 4:5

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We are in our new office and we have a new look!  Frankly, I don’t think I’d noticed just how dated and unsightly the old office had become.  I spent hours each week there but failed to really see.  The office had been painted and carpet replaced, we’d enclosed the carport for food pantry.  Yet, we had not “updated” or “redecorated” in 25 years.

 I’m afraid my blindness was really neglect.  The associational office should be a place that is attractive, with attention paid to every detail.  Because giving attention to those details, demonstrates that what we do is important.  Christ deserves our best.   I looked at the office with a fondness of 25 years of service.  A visitor saw a building decorated and designed in the 1950’s.  

Now for some hard questions. What does a visitor see when they visit your church?  Could it be time for some redecorating?  It doesn’t have to take a lot of money, but it will require us to lay aside our preferences, and perhaps shrines to the past. 

Each year the children’s camp team spends time in the office, and my home.  They noticed both the office and my home. One once commented that my house looked a lot like their grandma’s house. It’s okay for my house to look like a grandma house as I’m not trying to reach young families with my house.  It is not wise for the association office or our churches to look like a grandparent’s house if we truly wish to reach young families.

I challenge you to take off our blinders and really look at our church buildings.  Visitors notice the details.  Every church can afford new paint and cleaning supplies.  Perhaps it’s time for updating wall hangings, draperies, and signage.  Encourage your grandchildren to walk through the church with you, and LISTEN to them.  Perhaps visit a church that is reaching young people.  How can you make your facilities more appealing to visitors?

Christianity Today published an article entitled Little Things That Make The Church Attractive.  They were:
    Room Temperature - Better a little too cool than a little too warm.
    Lighting - Better a little too bright than a little too dim.
    Sound - Better a little too loud than a little too soft.
    Style - Better a little too contemporary than a little too traditional.
    Sermon Length - Better a little too short than a little too long.
    Treatment of Guests - Better a little too uninvolved than too threatened. Welcome     guests but don't embarrass them.

Although the writer of this article did not include signage around and in the church, I’d encourage you to take an honest look at your signage.  Is it easy for visiting families to find the nursery?  Speaking of nursery, is it neat, clean, modern with children in mind? 

Most churches are able to make some of these changes with little expense.  I encourage you to prayerfully consider updating your buildings with visitors in mind. 

We're Moved!

We are in our transitional office, 116 Old US 60, Hardinsburg.  Our phone number is the same - 270-788-3241. The office is located at the end of the Herald News Building.  We are across the street from the Hardinsburg IGA.  Please feel free to drop by and check out our office - Monday - Thursday, 9-4.

Annual Church Profiles

The 2016 Annual Church Profiles will be mailed in the next few days.  The reports will be due back in the Association Office by September 20.  Church Profiles are an important historical document for your church.  In addition, the association, KBC, SBC and NAMB use the information to develop programs other materials for our churches.  Please encourage your church clerk to complete the entire report and return to the office.

Disaster Relief Training, September 23-24, Clarkson BC.  (Clarkson BC -  5115 Elizabethtown Road, Clarkson KY, Clarkson is near Leitchfield.) See the KBC website to sign up -

Food Pantry News

The shelves are up and we are accepting items for the food pantry.  Please drop items by Monday - Thursday, 9-4.  If we have enough donations we will begin a modified giveaway  September 28.

Click the link to sign up or learn more.

We wish to thank New Clover Creek for hosting the August Executive Board Meeting.  There was a great fellowship among the group and we enjoyed some delicious refreshments.  You may download the reports by clicking here: